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This information panel will help customers getting to know more about NezmasterAuctions and how it works for us and for you.



What does NGC stand for and what is it?


NGC stands for "Nezmastergames credits" which can be purchased on the website.


NGC are used for those who wish to exchange and sell their item(s) with another person on NezmasterAuctions.


For use of the NGC simply list an item(s) to exchange or sell, state what item(s) you want for exchange or sell, then when finished a NGC will automatically be added to your listing.


Do you use Nezmastergames credits (NGC) to place a bid?


No, Nezmastergames credits are used for only placing listings on your Sell page and Exchange page and are not used for placing bids on items.


Are they any charges for making bids on NezmasterAuctions?


No, they are no charges for making or receiving bids on NezmasterAuctions.


How long do the Nezmastergames credits last for?


Nezmastergames credits (NGC) will last until you have sold, exchanged, timed out and/or removed your listing.



Can you retract your listing when selling?


NezmasterAuctions only allows you to retract listings 24 hours before the time end; you can contact the buyer and explain a certain situation about the item but this could end up with a negative feedback for you, you can also cancel an item being on sale but you must provide a valid reason for the cancellation.


Can you remove your listing when up for exchange?


NezmasterAuctions will not allow you to remove your exchange listing unless is became damaged which photos will be needed to provide evidence of the extent of the damage.


How long can I put an item up for sale/exchange for?


You have many options to choose from when putting item(s) up for sale and/or exchange; you have an option from 24 hours to 30 days for auction or unlimited for product depending how long you want your item(s) on sale/exchange for.



What happens when an item(s) didn’t get sold or exchanged?


Once the days are up and you were unsuccessful in selling and/or exchanging your item(s) you can simply place another Nezmastergames credits onto the ad to restart the process with a different time limit or a change in price and description or change to product which is unlimited duration.



How do I purchase Nezmastergames credits?


You can purchase Nezmastergames credits on our NezmasterAuctions website through the Dashboard next to your [User name], you will have options on how many NGC’s you wish to purchase from our website, (example)

10 NGC

20 NGC

30 NGC

40 NGC

50 NGC

100 NGC

200 NGC

500 NGC



How many people can exchange with me?


A maximum of 5 customers can approach you for exchange.



Who do I choose for exchange?


If say you have 5 customers that want to exchange with you, read their item(s)description first to see what suits you best, then the option is open for you to accept or reject the customer exchange.



Are there any fees when exchanging?


Simple answer NO, there are no cost or final fees for exchanging your item(s)



Postage when selling?


This section is entirely up to you when it comes to postage, only you can post the item(s) and you would have to pay for your own postage to send the item(s) out, but we would highly recommend using a sign for or courier option if sending your item(s) out via local post office or if by a courier and add insurance to it in case item(s) is lost or got damaged.



Postage for exchanging?


NezmasterAuctions will only allow signed for postage and tracked couriers so the item(s) can arrive to the destination safe and secure, there is no option for free delivery when exchanging item(s) unless stated pick up only.



Where do I go if I have a problem?


Check out our Help Centre or Resolution Centre if you have concerns.



How many item(s) can I place for exchange?


A maximum of 5 adds on your page you can place on for exchange.



How many item(s) can I exchange?


You can only place one item(s) at a time for exchange unless stated as a bulk/wholesale.



How many request can I receive for exchange?


You can receive up to 5 requests from other traders to exchange item(s) with you.



What do I do if I want to exchange with someone?



If you’re looking for a specific item to exchange simply click on the [Exchange page] and search for the item(s) you wish to exchange with via the search engine.


Then create a description of the item(s) you wish to exchange.



How do I know if I have been accepted or rejected?


A message on your ad will either say accepted, maybe or rejected.



Can I exchange cash with the item to a customer?


No, only item(s) to item(s) are allowed for exchange and no cash should be part of the transactions between the two parties.



What happens when I have been accepted?


A page will pop up with the other trader address for you to send the item(s) out.



Can I accept more than one exchange?


You cannot accept more than one exchange with customers; if you wish to exchange the same item (if you have two or more copies) then you must create another ad.



How do I buy an item(s)?


Simply search the item(s)you are looking for in the search engine, then when a seller places his/her item(s) on the selling page check to see how much the item is selling for, then simply place a bid of how much you’re willing to pay for the item(s).



How would I know how long I have got till the item(s) end?


When you search for item(s) you will have an option to add to your watch list that will be displayed on your home page, all sellers will produce how long the item(s) will have until the auction has ended.



What's the safe way before bidding on item(s)?


Always read the item(s) description before placing a bid, also check out the seller feedback if you’re still not certain.



How do I put an item(s) up to sell?


Go on your [Sell page] and click on sell item(s) this will forward you to your selling item(s) information and description page.



How many item(s) can I sell?


You have unlimited item(s) to sell on your [selling page]



What's the best method for payments?


We would highly recommend using PayPal for buying and selling purpose, they are very safe and secured, bank transfers and credit cards are also accepted but charges can vary (prices may vary).



What is feedback?


Feedback is for buyers, sellers and traders that once a transaction has been made you will have 3 options,


(Positive feedback) = If transactions went very well leave a positive for the seller, buyer and trader.



(Neutral feedback)  = If transactions was mixed between bad and good.



(Negative feedback) = If transactions went bad for you.


To avoid negative feedback keep in contact with the seller, buyer and trader.



What is feedback for?


Feedback is for your rating and others rating, the better the feedback the more likely other customers will trust you when buying, selling and trading. It also gives an accurate description of the item(s)



Who handles the postage fees and delivery?


Sellers have an option to either charge buyers for postage which will be on the ad or even add free postage to attract more buyers; Traders must handle their own postage and cannot charge other traders for postage.



If I have any problems where do I go?


At NezmasterAuctions we have a Help centre that will help customers resolve these situations and concerns with each other from help from us and even other customers, just click on the [Help Centre]



What can’t I sell and exchange?


You can sell almost anything on NezmasterAuctions in all categories except from the illegal item(s) for instant –


> Weapons, explosives, firearms and knifes.

> Illegal and prescription drugs.

> Explosive and highly flammable items.

> False/fake items and/or documents.

> Used cosmetics.

> Meat products (new and used)

> Fruits and Vegetables (new and used)

> Organs and body parts.

> Personal information and details.

> Animals/mammals and insects.

> Used adult over 18 items.

> Petrol, diesel, rocket fuel and other hazardous substances.   


What are the Sign up options?

At NezmasterAuctions the sign up options would include;

Free sign up to everyone including business, charities and foodbanks.

Postage calculation?

At NezmasterAuctions the postage calculation lets customers view the prices of postage in their location, all prices may be the same some may vary, simply add in your zip/post code and you will the cost for postage, you could also check out shipping instructions left by the seller about postage and courier.

Mark as paid and dispatched?

In your Dashboard click on Selling tab then Sales tab, this will give you options on what to pick.