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Why sign with us?

Why sign with us?


NezmasterAuctions is a unique online auction and exchange website, built to your needs and to have full control of your own listings, unlike other website NezmasterAuctions have no fees, no subscriptions and no hidden charges on our website, literally!

Instead we have what we call Nezmastergames Credits also known as NGC which are easy to purchase and very much affordable from 10 NGC's to 500 NGC's and for as little as £1 for 10 NGC, that is pretty much 10 items you can list for £1.

NGC's are only used for your listings, once you list an item you get charged NGC, many features are at your disposal on your listings, home features, duration's, bid increments, video/media uploads and many many more.

But don't worry though, even though NGC's are extremely cheap and useful they are not the only way to receive them, NezmasterAuctions has a reward system which if you keep 100% feedback you will be rewarded every month and not only that but you'll get rewarded for every successful buying, selling and exchanging.

But maybe you have a negative feedback, well you can list a product item for NGC's as well which get added to your own NGC wallet on the top right of the screen next to your own username.

Want to create your very own store? well why not? it's free! 

That's right NezmasterAuctions allows you to create your very own store name, store logo, store description, store pages and even your very own URL which you can share on social media, emails and blogs which will lead potential buyers to your listed items on your created store.

You get what you sell, literally!

That's right, on NezmasterAuctions you get what you sell, so if you sold one of your item(s) for £100 you will get £100, if you sold an item(s) for £550 you get £550, if you.... you know what we are talking about, you get what you sell, it's as simple as that!

Controlling your listings!

Yep you also get to summarise and control your own listings from postage costs and locations, bid increments, schedule listings, bulk listings, pre-filled fields, creating your very own vouchers.

You can check on your account history and see how much you have made, check your pending feedback's and much much more, and yes it's free!

NezmasterAuctions has been known to become quite addictive once you get a handle on us, and we have so much to offer and the ability to help you earn money, we have been noticed as the next gen of auction websites around the UK soon globally, and with huge potential this is only the beginning, and to be apart of that yourself makes us want to develop more.